Unplugged Art Retreats

Upcoming retreat dates:



1st-7th and 8th-16th

2 options. Book one week or 2.

6 available places in each

Booking available: https://www.eventbee.com/v/test-retreat/event?eid=116786853#/tickets


Mini Retreat. 4 days. 4th- 7th

General information:

General pricing:

1-2 Days: $75/day

3-4 days: $70/ per day.

5-7 Days: $65/day

8+ days: $60/Day


Early bird specials:

Any bookings over 30 days in advance will get a 5% discount.

Any bookings over 60 days in advance will get a 10% discount.

Referrals (FREE RETREATS):

In order to grow the unplugged community, we're incentivising members to bring along new people.

The Offer:

If you bring someone along and they in turn come to an additional retreats (After the first one they are brought), then you will get a free retreat between 7-14 days (plus you get to spend retreat time with more awesome people).

3 returns will get you a free mini retreat.

5 will get a free 7 day retreat.

The Big Stipulation:

We want to keep this as both a safe community, as well as a comminuty that pushes one another to strive. With that said, if you bring along someone who makes another person feel unsafe, or if they are detrimental to the environment, then you cannot invite others in future.